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Gold United Technology Limited, is a collection of video communication based suppliers of digital products. The main products are: a full range of infrared ball, ball, ball, millions of high-definition network HD surveillance cameras such as a full range of security products manufacturers. The company has advanced production equipment, sophisticated detection equipment, perfect testing room, all products are in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard production, ensure the delivery to the customer for each product on hand is the best quality!

Joining Advantage:

1、Franchisees pursuant to the contract for Gold United brand authorization, the establishment of franchise stores, operating independently of Gold United providing products, the brand image and business to accept Gold United management and supervision and guidance.

2、Gold United in accordance with the contract to join to provide staff training, operational guidance, marketing support and other related services.

3、Gold United summary of many years of operation and management experience, design a set of suitable for intercom investors to develop the franchise model, investors joined by Gold United brand, the Gold United system of comprehensive support, introduced Gold United brand mature management mode, design, marketing, customer service and operation system, the formation of the new company and in the shortest possible time to a new image into the wireless communication market, fast becoming a regional market strong brands.

4、Gold United company franchise mode for city joined the exclusive, according to different regional characteristics and the wireless communications market scale, maturity, mainly divided into a city to join, two city, three city to join the joining of three specific patterns.

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